Will Driverless Cars make roads safer_

Will Driverless Cars Make Roads Safer?

Over the past several years, autonomous driving technology has developed rapidly. This has created numerous safety questions and concerns.  Will driverless cars make driving safer?  How safe is considered safe enough?  Furthermore, how do we prove driverless cars are safe? Some people do not want to put their lives in the hands of driverless cars, …

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What is Plantar Fasciitis_

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Every day, employees all over Virginia are expected to complete physically demanding labor as part of their jobs. Physically strenuous work increases the risk of injury. These employees often suffer from damaging injuries.  Work-related injuries sometimes require medical treatment and time off from work to recover. Under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act, most employers are …

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self driving trucks reduce accidents

Will Driverless Trucking Result in Fewer Accidents?

Self-driving technology has taken the trucking industry by storm. Mercedes-Benz, Uber, Google, and Tesla are just of few of many companies competing to make the best self-driving trucks. The day when it will be common to see automated trucks on every road is almost here. Despite all of the technology and innovations related to self-driving …

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