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Criminal Cases

Criminal Law Attorney Serving Virginia Beach

Whether you need representation for a serious criminal charge or a minor traffic offense, Scott R. Barney, Esq. can represent you to make sure you are treated fairly.

With an experienced criminal law attorney on your side, you will gain the resources needed to fully understand the court system and have legal support from someone with your best interest in mind.

Barney Injury Law is experienced in many areas of criminal law, including:

Adult criminal cases
Juvenile criminal cases
Domestic violence
Traffic citations
License suspension
Drug possession

The Criminal Case Process

After you are arrested by a Virginia Beach police officer, you will be taken to the courthouse for arraignment. The magistrate judge will read the formal charges to you, and the judge will also determine your release status. You may be released, released with supervision conditions, held on a cash bond or held on no bond. If the judge decides to hold you, you will have a detention hearing in a few days before another Virginia Beach judge. The government will call witnesses such as police officers to testify at this hearing in order to establish probable cause. If the judge finds no probable cause exists, your case is dismissed! If the judge finds there is probable cause, the judge will then decide if you should continue to be held. For non-violent offenses, judges focus more on your ability and willingness to return to court than your risk of danger to the community. You can be released on personal recognizance, placed on GPS monitoring, held at a halfway house, put in drug treatment, transferred to a mental health hospital or held at the Hampton county jail.

Your next hearing will be a status hearing. You will likely have several status hearings throughout your case. At these status hearings, the prosecutor may put a plea offer on the record, the parties may exchange discovery information, your attorney may make arguments on your behalf such as to compel discovery or modify your release conditions, and if all else fails, your attorney will set a trial date.

At trial, the prosecutor and your criminal defense attorney will give opening statements, then will call witnesses to testify. At the conclusion of the evidence, the attorneys will give closing arguments, and the jury will render a verdict.

If you are acquitted, you are free to go. If you are convicted, you will proceed to sentencing. You will have the opportunity to speak on your behalf before the judge sentences you. Possible sentences include:

  • Fines
  • Community service
  • Probation
  • Jail or prison time, depending on the severity of the offense
  • Split sentence of both jail/prison time and supervised release

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