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On average, trucks are responsible for almost half of all annual vehicle crashes, causing almost 150 deaths and almost 17,000 injuries in 2018 alone. While semi-truck drivers receive special training on how to drive high weight vehicles with numerous axles, the truth is these trucks are extremely hard to maneuver, especially when conditions in Virginia go south. Even if roads are slippery due to ice, the truck driver still owes a legal duty of care to all other drivers on the road. If the truck driver causes an accident that results in an injury to you, your passengers or your car, you have the right to seek a capable truck accident lawyer to help you secure an ideal legal resolution.

Barney Injury Law’s founder, Scott R. Barney, Esq. is a well-regarded Virginia truck accident attorney with extensive experience seeking restitution for victims across the state. Whether you have experienced physical injury, emotional distress, costly medical bills, missed wages, or any other setback, a truck accident lawyer can alleviate the strain of legal action and take steps to help you and your family get the restitution you deserve. Scott would be proud to be the one who helps you restore the health and financial security that are rightfully yours.

Our services are entirely personalized: You dictate the pace, and Scott will explain every phase of the case to you in detail. The well-being of our clients is our first concern, so we conduct each case with compassion and deep respect. We know that our clients have been through a great deal, and we consider it both a duty and a privilege to help them through. For more information about how Barney Injury Law can assist you as your Virginia truck accident attorney, reach out to our team at 757-965-7200 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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